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Embark, Spiritual Care

Solar Plexus Chakra Session

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Energetic Frequency Healing preformed on the Solar Plexus Chakra, however all chakras are addressed. This chakra is primarily associated with one's power center, self-confidence, manifestations, will power and self-esteem. The color is Yellow, and the frequency is 528Hz. 320Hz can also be utilized. Other frequencies may also be associated with the balancing of this chakra.

Preformed with Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Shamonic Drumming. All sessions include Reiki and a Spiritual Alchemy Consultation.

After purchase we will reach out to schedule the session at your convenience. These sessions are great for being in the comfort of your own home, at an office, or even for alternative stimulations at gatherings. We can also offer a safe place for the session upon request. 

If the client is not located within fifty miles of the following cities, please email us at so we can better assist your reservation. Blessings and Embark!

Reno, Nevada