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The First Generation Society was created as a group to overcome toxic masculinity and femininity through sacred unity. Bringing the community back together with the land and harmonious support of one another. We are a collective of peers, who have all made a choice to better themselves and be there for their community. We offer a safe place to be vulnerable with the things that we are overcoming, as well as hold eachother accountable for the visions we plan on accomplishing. By healing our wounds within we are able to take those transmutations home. Which then get passed down to our children, which then extend into our communities. We are a spiritually based group following the traditions of various Indigenous Nations. We hold ceremonies, offer rituals, as well as a monthly open meeting. All monthly open meetings are free of charge. Some meetings offer additional services in return for donation. All profits of the Warriors will be utilized for furthering our movement. Highest Love & Blessings.

The men's group meeting (Warriors) is held on Zoom every first Saturday of the month. The link is listed below. Please RSVP directly to you will recieve a passcode in a response email. Everyone is important to us. Please respect this sacred space as our brotherhood is known for offering a vulnerable place. Anonymity is important to some of our members. So unexpected guests are highly discouraged. 

Embark Spiritual Care is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Warriors Men's Meeting

Time: 1st Saturday of every month @ 11:00am PST

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Meeting ID: 442 175 2805

Passcode: RSVP to 

Co-ed and family events will occur in the spring and summer. Please join our Facebook page to stay informed with upcoming events!