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Embark, A Spiritual Care Company

Quartz and Obsidian Bracelet

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Obsidian is sought after for it's grounding, protective energies. It helps to remain centered and recognize where negative energy resides within. Furthermore, it cleanses these unwanted energies and reveals transparency. It is great for psychic protection as well as communication with Spirit.

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Quartz can be used to stimulate and balance all chakra systems and energy points in the body. It is especially useful in working with the heart and the third eye. When meditating with Quartz you will notice an increased sense of clarity and focus. This clarity and focus enables you to connect with your dormant psychic abilities. Quartz promotes the general expansion of consciousness and will also allow your dreams to remain fresh in the mind upon waking up enhancing your ability to interpret the messages sent to you in your dreams.Quartz gives you an honest perspective into your emotional and mental states of being in order to make necessary changes and steps toward healing. If you are willing to accept and receive insight from your higher self quartz will open that communication channel. 

Chakras : All

Element : Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Zodiac : All

7" Handcrafted with on 49 strand braided wire.